Thank you...

...for visiting my site!

Also, thank you to the many who contacted me after I announced the ending of my annual series of Chinese Horoscope books. After thirty years it was a difficult decision to make and it was pleasing to know how much these books meant to so many.

Writing Your Chinese Horoscope was a privilege and, just as many have thanked me, I thank you and also the many who have bought my books over the years for all the support and interest shown.

However, while I am no longer writing an annual book, I have now written one more which contains horoscopes for all the years and which I hope will be of lasting value. Further details can be found here.

I am also pleased to announce the publication of another book, The Train Lover's Puzzle Book. This follows on from other puzzle books I have compiled, notably on Cycling, Radio 4 and The Archers. All these books have been great fun to compile with each containing plenty to tackle and enjoy. More details can be found on each of the Train Lover's, Cycling, Radio 4 and The Archers pages together with a challenge to try out on each. See how you get on.

If a cat lover, Cat Wisdom: 60 Great Lessons You Can Learn from a Cat may also be of interest. It is a delightful and inspiring read and you can find out more here.

This year has also seen the publication of my first novel, Legacy. It is a story of love, intrigue and of a murder which happened a long time ago which continues to create long disturbing shadows. More details about Legacy can be found here.

I am always pleased to hear from readers, receive media enquiries or consider commissions, so please do feel free to contact me.