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Neil Somerville

Thank you ...

for visiting my site

and thank you to the many who contacted me after I announced the ending of my annual series of Chinese Horoscope books. After thirty years it was a difficult decision to make and it was pleasing to know how much these books meant to so many.

Writing Your Chinese Horoscope was a privilege and, just as many have thanked me, I thank you and also the many who have bought my books over the years for all the support and interest shown.

However, while I am no longer writing an annual book, I have now written one more which contains horoscopes for all the years and which I hope will be of lasting value. Further details can be found here.

I am also pleased to announce the publication of another book, Cat Wisdom: 60 Great Lessons You Can Learn from a Cat. Containing quotes, beautiful illustrations and lessons we can learn from our feline friends, Cat Wisdom is a delightful and inspiring read. If you like cats or know someone who does, you can find out more here as well as order a signed copy.

I am currently engaged on another writing project and will announce details soon and will also be starting a blog. If you would like to be notified when my blog starts, please email.

I am always pleased to hear from readers, receive media enquiries or consider commissions and the best way to contact is by email.

In hac habitasse

Within yourself

are the riches of your tomorrow

                           Neil Somerville