The Train Lover's Puzzle Book

Time for a little challenge:

In 1867 a railway inspector was suspicious about a female passenger who was wearing a particularly bulky and voluminous skirt. When challenged, what was the lady hiding?

1. Her worldly wealth (she was suspicious of banks)

2. Two four year-old children (she was taking them to school)

3. Reggie and Alma, her two pet dogs (she was aware dogs were not allowed on trains)

Have a ponder before clicking below to find the answer or to see if you were right or wrong.

The power... the speed... the journey...

Train travel is exciting and the stuff of memories. Whether in whisking you away on holiday, allowing you to admire magnificent scenery, take you to a particular destination or perhaps enjoy a heritage line, train travel is special.

The Train Lover’s Puzzle Book allows you to enjoy trains in another way. From mystery sudokus, word searches, train tracks, riddles or deliberating on what really happened in strange but true incidents, there is much to delight and puzzle over. Also you do not need to be an expert to tackle the puzzles – just an interest in trains and willingness to rise to the challenge and enjoy the journey.

If you would like a signed copy, either for yourself or as a gift, you can order below. Please do let me know by email or by contacting me if you would like a name or special dedication entered in the book. Copies are sent post free in the UK and for a small additional charge for overseas.

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