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Thank you for visiting my site and for interest in my work. This is much appreciated and to all I send my very best wishes.

I have been writing Your Chinese Horoscope for 30 years and in this time have shared my thoughts and insights on this fascinating and so helpful subject. However, after three decades, I feel the time has come to put all my knowledge together and compile a book which contains a horoscope together with useful tips for each and every year. This book, and it is a huge one, is now available and further details can be found here.  This will replace the annual edition and one which I hope will be of lasting value.

Also, another exciting development. The companionship of animals has always been of great joy to me and I am pleased to announce the publication of  Cat Wisdom: 60 Great Lessons You Can Learn from a Cat. Beautifully illustrated, this book contains advice and lessons we can learn from our furry feline friends.  Further details can be found here.

I am always pleased to hear from readers, receive media enquiries or consider commissions and the best way to contact is by email.

When time is right,

chance opens a door.

Neil Somerville