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Neil Somerville

My joy in life is writing.

And particularly to help and hopefully inspire.

But there is more to me than this.

I very much like walking and being in the countryside. This allows me to think as well as appreciate what is around.

I also enjoy travelling, especially to the arctic and frozen north. It is there I have seen incredible and wondrous sights and again, out in the cold (but well-wrapped up) I find much beauty and peace.

I live with my wife Ros in Berkshire, England and have two adult children. I also have a great fondness for the pets we have had - our cats and now in looking after my daughter’s dog Gizmo. Animals have always been very special to me.

I too enjoy psychological type puzzles and have often presented a talk, ‘Mysteries of the Mind’ to local groups. Compiling word puzzles and writing haiku and simple short verse are another pleasure.

And what better point to end this ‘About me’ section than with a short verse I wrote. I hope you enjoy.

A giggling baby

A trickling brook

A kiss

Bird song

Lovers in love

A snowdrop

A moment of Yes.

What a wonderful world we live in

And you are a part.

About Me

A recent photo taken in the Presili hills, Wales